Pierre Players Shifts Start of Season Schedule

Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Pierre Players Community Theatre (PPCT) will shift the timeframe of its season schedule starting in January 2022.

Pierre Players Board of Governors decided to change its season schedule from one which has typically begun in September and run through August of the following year to one which will begin in January and run through December of the same year.

The change will align PPCT’s seasons with the organization’s fiscal year and calendar year. It will also allow patrons to purchase season memberships in December as holiday gifts for family members or friends before the new season starts.

“Changes to this year’s schedule prompted Pierre Players’ Board of Governors to reassess the season schedule going forward. After much reflection, the Board decided it made sense and the timing was right to align our season schedule and fiscal year with the calendar year,” said PPCT President Alisa Bousa. “We wanted to let our patrons know about this change before our typical membership drive, which in the past began during the summer production.”

PPCT earlier this year had to cancel “A Little Piece of Heaven” due to the pandemic and reschedule the production for this fall. “A Little Piece of Heaven” will still be part of PPCT’s current season, meaning that season members will be able to see the production as part of their 2020-2021 membership.

Pierre Players will announce its 2022 season at its Annual Membership Kickoff/Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021. Be watching for more details.

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