Pierre Players Traveling Awards

Beth Pay Award

Beth was a very active member of Pierre Players during the 80’s and early 90’s.  She was well known for doing absolutely anything that needed doing.  She directed several shows, acted in many, worked back stage, cleaned, recruited new people.  She could be counted on for anything. She died in 1993 of breast cancer.  She was in her early forties.  This award is for the person who can be counted on for anything that needs doing on or off the stage; 'Above and Beyond Award.'

Justin Runestad Award

Justin Runestad prepared for auditions of The Crucible months in advance.  He grew his hair long, learned the script and researched the Salem Witch Trials.  He was cast as John Proctor, was the first person to arrive at rehearsals – was the ‘spirit’ of the show.  He was only 27 years old.  The young kids and the adults respected him and tried to work to his level; he set the bar.  Three weeks to the day before opening, he lost his life due to hypothermia from the Missouri River while attempting to retrieve a boat that got away from its mooring.  The whip Justin used for his part in the play belonged to him and is now the actual award.  This award is considered to be the ‘Gunner Award’ – always striving for the best.

Rudi Siewerdsen Award

Rudi Siewerdsen was one of the most versatile members of Pierre Players.  A singer, dancer, actor, director, set designer, tech director, and everything in between.  Rudi could design and create characters, costumes, sets, and shows so unique and memorable.  He loved and was loved by everyone.  He was a fabulous baker as well and shared his creative delicacies at holiday time.  He left the world to soon; in 1998.  Dr. Wayne Knutson of USD once said, "every community theatre needs a Rudi Siewerdsen." 'The Rudi' award is for creativity.

Comic Relief Award

This award is given to the member of the cast or crew that brings levity and lighthearted entertainment to backstage life during a production.